What We Do

We are industry experts; providing business management and consultancy services, in the UK & further afield

We are industry experts; providing business management and consultancy services, in the UK & further afield.


Hilda Bolade Limited employs a unique and collaborative approach that challenges industry norms. Our management consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions cross all industries and geographies. We bring deep, functional expertise with the aim of improving the effectiveness of their business strategy, organizational performance and operational processes

We are known for our holistic perspective: we capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization.


Hilda Bolade Limited Project Management offers industry-leading Development Management, Strategic Planning, Programme Strategy, Programme / Project Control Management, Portfolio Management, Project Management, Employer's Agent and Contract Administration, Design Management, Planning Management, Programme Management and Logistics Management.


Whatever the challenge to a client, from a desire to invest to the need to develop new working practices, brainstorming is often the key to success. At Hilda Bolade Limited we listen to your business needs. Our definition of Strategic management is broad and includes project, programme and development management.


Whatever the mission, from business requirement gathering analysis to process design and implementation, we apply lessons from many industries to achieve and sustain performance improvement. Our people bring clear analysis, intelligence, and creativity to every operational decision thereby achieving the best possible outcome.

We provide our clients with direct access to our considerable market and industry awareness. Our strategic advisory services ensure that our clients' proposals can take full advantage of strategic and market opportunities right from inception.

Whether by supporting smooth planning processes, designing effective organizational structures, ensuring that gap analysis fully optimise market conditions, or devising contracts that recognize industry trends, Hilda Bolade Limited’s strategic advisory services add value


We scrutinize and analyze every possibility and develop solutions driven by your vision. Throughout every operation, we build solutions for our Clients using our extensive knowledge of the clients product, processes, and industries. We enable a seamless process to add value at every stage. We use Bespoke solutions to solve our Clients' most critical problems


Whilst some management consultancies perform these roles as perfunctory administrative roles, we pride ourselves in holistic management to ensure certainty of delivery and that project outcomes are aligned with our clients' objectives.


To do so, we proactively manage downwards and laterally to ensure collaborative and aligned teams. Hilda Bolade Limited is adept at fostering strong relationships and collaborations. We believe that truly proactive business management is a function of successful relationship management and that genuinely successful projects are the product of motivated and collaborative teams working with clear of objectives.


At HBL, we are proud of our projects and our collaborations and we recognize their value beyond practical completion. Not only do we invest in the constant evaluation of our management solutions but also in the ongoing evaluation of completed projects in order to enhance our current and future schemes.


Hilda Bolade Limited’s professionals are experts at working with clients of all size and levels of experience. We recognize that knowledgeable clients are a critical driver to successful projects. Not only are we proud to be the custodians of our clients' most intimate missions when managing their project teams, we also endeavour to learn with and empower our clients throughout the entire delivery process.