Who We Are

Hilda Bolade Limited employs a unique and collaborative approach to business analysis and management that challenges industry norms

HBL employs a unique and collaborative approach to business analysis and management that challenges industry norms.


From its inception, Hilda Bolade Limited represents a series of philosophical and organizational choices made by its founder. We are a consultancy firm that is personal, full of passion and nimble enough to deliver the innovative, bespoke, problem-based and outcome driven analytical approaches required by high quality clients and complex problems.

Hilda Bolade Limited is a professional management consultancy company working predominantly in the finance industry. We are made up of highly experienced built environment professionals and have head-hunted rising talent that complements and thrives within HBL setting.

Our mission is to re-establish a culture of integrity and trust across the delivery of projects. This mission extends not only to the quality of our work, but is principally entwined in our attitudes and approach.

Ultimately, Hilda Bolade Limited offers valuable and inspiring leadership. We are the stewards of our clients' visions and are prepared to be mentors of the project team. Our high quality portfolio of projects and clients is testament to the value of our offering.


Our values create a shared identity within our company, defining what we stand for and how we do things.


We do what we say and we say what we mean. Our clients trust us to be ethically unyielding and courageous in challenging the unacceptable. The reputation of HBL depends upon the honesty and integrity of its people.


HBL create value at every stage of your association with us. From enhancing the value of our relationship to enhancing the value of your mission, we are always striving to improve, enhance, and deliver the best.


From its inception, HBL was founded to be a premier built environment management consultancy in the industry. We will achieve this through our people. We attract, develop and retain the finest available in the industry, but we won’t rest there. Through a collaborative and mutually supportive environment, we foster and nurture the intellectual curiosity and ambitions not only of our professionals, but also of our project teams. Hilda Bolade Limited always looks for better ways to enable our clients to achieve their objectives.


Innovative and improved solutions are found through innovative and improved thinking. We encourage our people to be bold thinkers. We also value the initiative, passion and commercial drive required to turn great ideas into great execution. Every step of every mission is an opportunity for achieving and exceeding industry best practice.


As individual employees at HBL, we all contribute to making it an informal and relaxed working environment, whilst also being driven by results and achievement. We are intelligent people who work hard to achieve effective results in the most efficient manner. The Company deliberately tries to mix staff and foster friendships, with team and other social activities, which are enjoyed and valued by all and seen as a benefit of working at Hilda Bolade Limited.